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Client Results

Results That Boost Performance

Image by Zoltan Tasi

Shed Manufacturer
Success Story

Improved User Experience and Insight Delivery

The problem was the client needed closed-loop marketing reports with a better UX and more visible insights. We helped build reports with the end users' decision-making needs in mind resulting in a very satisfied client having the information they needed in a report they found easy to understand

Image by Matthew Guay

Financial Software
Success Story

Redesign Led to Faster Insights

The client's reporting environment was antiquated and they wanted reports that were automated, centralized, and comprehensive. We assisted in the development and design of closed-loop marketing reporting resulting in a happy client that has become a repeat customer.

doing work together

Supplements Manufacturer

Success Story

A Smarter Sales Team

The client's sales team was frustrated with reporting that was inefficient, hard to navigate, and lacked valuable insights. We met with the sales team to understand pain points and address reporting frustrations resulting in a smarter sales team that was making business decision from a more robust reporting view

Image by Alex Kotliarskyi

Call Center

Success Story

Information that Drives Performance

The client's call center managers responsible for business performance couldn’t understand reporting. We met with sales managers to define information gaps and build reports that address them resulting in most popular report among call center managers that is frequently used during planning

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